Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 wks along....

So I may only be 5 wks long but everything's started to kick in. First started the cravings for certain things, then this week OMG the morning sickness started! I think it's under ccontrol for now though, lets hope it doesnt get worse. To be honest right now what I'd really like is a big glass of Chocolate milk and a slice of pizza.
I've discovered that ginger is not as great as I have heard, actually it makes me want to vomite just at the smell of it. My sis was right that spearmint helps with far it's the one thing that helps with my m.s. PB&J and granola are some of the things that the baby doesnt seem to like and the smell of mexican style chicken is sooo a No-no.
If all goes well my m.s. will go away soon since I'm told I've started it kinda early.

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