Friday, March 12, 2010

Break'n out a Rehab

Let me start from the beginning....
Three days after Matthew and I had eloped I ended up at Balboa Military hospital. I was completely unable to walk anymore/ or even support my own weight. We discovered that I have a condition called Guillian-Barre ( I was admitted Dec. 27th ;after a month of being there, I was sent to South Bay Rehab.
Here at Rehab I've had to learn to do everything from brushing my own teeth to walking again. I still can't walk by myself ( I need a walker for balance) but I'm working hard at it. Today I am finally allowed to go home with my husband. I still have lots of therapy ahead of me, but I can at least take care of myself. For the next month or so I'll have Home Health, then after that it'll be out patiant Therapy. The estimated recovery time for GB is about 6 months to a year. It'll probably take me a year simply because of the fact that I'm pregnant ,so progress will be a bit slower.

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  1. You have a whole team of people behind you cheering you on! Don't forget that! You can lean on us anytime you need to!