Monday, March 29, 2010

honeymoon's over

I know my husband is used to dealing with things, or not dealing with things I should say. As I've come to find out both his mother and grandmother were right, he has no sense when it comes to finances. Money is definately one of the things that I stress out about, I'm a penny pincher most of the time. Now Matthew and I both grew up without money, but we seem to have different out looks on it. He seems to be like my brother andy and spends it kinda willy-nilly. I will admit that if I dont have a purpouse for the extra $ that I have I will spending it (mostly on other ppl). But now that we need a place of our own and we have a baby coming I need money to be staying IN the bank. And this is all kind of put me in a position that I really dont like. I am not working, so all the money being brought in is by Matt. I hate it that I have to take over his money and not let him touch it. I know I should be thinking of it as our money, but that's still really new to me. I cant let anything slide anymore because we Are expecting a baby in 7 months. I'm not the kind of person that cares if I live in a huge house, or strives to own a new car- I'm very content living modestly. I do however take issue with having to stress out wether or not our bills are going to get paid on time, it makes me irritable! And with my pregnant hormones all out of wack anyways , if I'm not happy no one is! lol I already told matthew I am going to be taking over control of finances. That the main reason I am doing so is that I dont handle stress well, and I cant afford loosing our baby over something as trivial as this.
The state of Oregon is finally getting thier heads out of thier rears -and sending my paperwork so I can bill them for the care I did when I was still living there. I'll be really glad to have that money in MY account back in the burg, mostly that money will go to baby stuff/ maternity clothes. I've decided that by the time the baby's 6 months old I'll start my new daycare down here. It'll help make me feel a little bit better, I've always been very independent and liked having my own money. I know how expensive baby's are, and we're going to need that extra money; even if its just so that we can keep taking trips up to see our families. We'll be able to cut some costs with me breastfeeding/pumping. Now I wish I had listened to my grandma and not basically given away all my baby(daycare) things, now I have to start over.

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  1. Matthew won't protest, if fact he will be happy to hand over the finance job. He knows he sucks at it. Just give him a small weekly allowance and he'll be fine. You have to hold on to it 'weekly' even though he is paid every other week because he'll go through the whole 2 weeks worth in just a couple days.
    HUGS to you, it will get better and you will feel so much better knowing things are being taken care of. His job is to bring home the money your JOB is to manage it. :)