Monday, April 5, 2010

house be, or not to be...

So matthew and I have been doing some house hunting. It is not as easy as one would think. Yesterday we were out and about and came acossed this house...omg we fell in love! It's an older house, and everythings pretty close to original from when it was built. The property will need some help getting back to its former glory(as I call it). its all a brick/barn red color with white trim. The house really does remind me of a house we'd find back home...possibly in the country,lol. The house has a garage/shop with a gardening area and kind of a covered patio area that would be perfect for bbqing! The house is 3 bedrooms 1 1/2 bath, has a fireplace as well. All aplliances really need to be updated (which according to the management company is why no one's wanted it).
The rent amount is way out of our budget as it is...but I asked the agent to see if we couldnt try negotiating with the owner. Since the owner is back east we'll have to wait till they can contact her. I've asked the agent to see if the owner would possibly concider giving us a discount on the fact that Matthew is in the navy & that we want to do at least a yr long lease instead of month-to-month.
I'm going to have to do some fancy foot work as far as the finances are concerned but I'm determined to make it work if they give us the green light. So we're keeping our fingers crossed and saying some mighty big prayers! As much as I want this house I know it's no longer in my hands. we've looked at other places, and if need be we can settle for something else.

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