Wednesday, April 21, 2010

11 wks pregnant....

So here's the update for week 11.
I'm over emotional, I forget Everything, I cant sleep...and boy-howdy has my husband had to be ever so patient with me! lol I've had two major melt downs in the past week and 1/2, cried at the drop of a hat to boot. =\ I've discovered that besides being weepy and whiny- My notoriously bad temper (that I've had an iron grip on for the past several yrs) has an alarmingly short fuse now. I do try to curb it as much as possible, but I either cry /or freak out when it gets out of hand. I tend to get tired a lot, but not enough to take a nap, so I get cranky. Good news though, my neurologist gave me the all clear for traveling while pregnant and resuming all daily activities.
Next week I have my first real ob/gyn appointment, maybe able to find out what we're having. I can say though that my morning sickness is almost nil; I'm good at staying away from foods that upset my system.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

shower shower, baby shower.....

Trying to think of a theme...and how to possibly make it co-ed. I know guys usually dont get real excited at having to be at the showers. But what else do I do? Matthew doesnt know anyone in Roseburg. Maybe my brothers/male friends could be talked into taking him out to play pool/ have a beer.
I have 2 months before invites have to go out. course it'll help when we find out exactly what the gender of the baby is! My friend Tabatha has offerd to help, and I know my grandma will probaby help as well. I'm prey sure matthew's family will want to throw us one as well, but my friends and family cant go4 hrs away!
Ill update more when I have time!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

prego hormones...oh joy!

Everyone seems to want me to have a girl.....I hope my nasty temper means that I'm getting it out of my system so she ends up being super sweet. haha. I've already started getting my baby belly, yes this early. I Freaked out yesterday at Balboa on a nurse, I wanted to strangle her. I have no idea why she irritates me so bad, I've had an issue with her before. Matthew found it quite humorouse at how her face turned all red and she started getting flustered.
The whole issue was over how far along I am. If they go by my menstrual cycle it'll give them the wrong info. I tried telling her she needed to go by the date of conception, but she didnt want to listen to me.... thats when I blew a gasket. Most people would say that that's not that big of a deal; but if they think I'm farther along then I am they wont do the test to see if they can determine the baby's gender. Lucky for me her supervisor walked by and heard the commotion so she got it straightened out for me, my ob/gyn appointment is on the 27th.

I'm very lucky that matthew seems to understand that my pissiness isnt personal ( for the most part). The worst of it is that its like word vomit... my brain-2-mouth filter seems to have gone up in smoke! I've been trying very hard to just clamp my mouth shut if I think its coming, but that doesnt always work. Matthew actually doesnt get much of it, I try extra hard with him to not let my mouth run. I know I'm no saint though, and that because I'm worried/stressed, I get snippy with him. We've also started to notice that when I havent eatten in a while/or start to get tired ,I get a bit snarkey.
What am I to do, start yoga? I guess I can try writting more, see if that helps maybe? I miss my friends, my family and I miss having animals around! I cant wait till we're in our own place so I'll have more to do. I'm still uncomfortable here to a point, so I tend to stay in our room. Cabin fever is a big factor in my mood, Matthew tries to help by taking me out couple times a week. The days that I get to walk the beach I seem to be more relaxed, but I dont have a key and the guys have to lock up when they leave (and I dont want to get locked out) so I dont get to go everyday.

Monday, April 5, 2010

house be, or not to be...

So matthew and I have been doing some house hunting. It is not as easy as one would think. Yesterday we were out and about and came acossed this house...omg we fell in love! It's an older house, and everythings pretty close to original from when it was built. The property will need some help getting back to its former glory(as I call it). its all a brick/barn red color with white trim. The house really does remind me of a house we'd find back home...possibly in the country,lol. The house has a garage/shop with a gardening area and kind of a covered patio area that would be perfect for bbqing! The house is 3 bedrooms 1 1/2 bath, has a fireplace as well. All aplliances really need to be updated (which according to the management company is why no one's wanted it).
The rent amount is way out of our budget as it is...but I asked the agent to see if we couldnt try negotiating with the owner. Since the owner is back east we'll have to wait till they can contact her. I've asked the agent to see if the owner would possibly concider giving us a discount on the fact that Matthew is in the navy & that we want to do at least a yr long lease instead of month-to-month.
I'm going to have to do some fancy foot work as far as the finances are concerned but I'm determined to make it work if they give us the green light. So we're keeping our fingers crossed and saying some mighty big prayers! As much as I want this house I know it's no longer in my hands. we've looked at other places, and if need be we can settle for something else.