Wednesday, April 21, 2010

11 wks pregnant....

So here's the update for week 11.
I'm over emotional, I forget Everything, I cant sleep...and boy-howdy has my husband had to be ever so patient with me! lol I've had two major melt downs in the past week and 1/2, cried at the drop of a hat to boot. =\ I've discovered that besides being weepy and whiny- My notoriously bad temper (that I've had an iron grip on for the past several yrs) has an alarmingly short fuse now. I do try to curb it as much as possible, but I either cry /or freak out when it gets out of hand. I tend to get tired a lot, but not enough to take a nap, so I get cranky. Good news though, my neurologist gave me the all clear for traveling while pregnant and resuming all daily activities.
Next week I have my first real ob/gyn appointment, maybe able to find out what we're having. I can say though that my morning sickness is almost nil; I'm good at staying away from foods that upset my system.

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