Thursday, April 15, 2010

shower shower, baby shower.....

Trying to think of a theme...and how to possibly make it co-ed. I know guys usually dont get real excited at having to be at the showers. But what else do I do? Matthew doesnt know anyone in Roseburg. Maybe my brothers/male friends could be talked into taking him out to play pool/ have a beer.
I have 2 months before invites have to go out. course it'll help when we find out exactly what the gender of the baby is! My friend Tabatha has offerd to help, and I know my grandma will probaby help as well. I'm prey sure matthew's family will want to throw us one as well, but my friends and family cant go4 hrs away!
Ill update more when I have time!

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  1. The church ladies & I are looking forward to your baby shower for when you come up in July :)


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